Sunday, May 3, 2009

Be A Dreamer of Dreams

Throughout history the greatest achievements of mankind have come as the fulfillment of someone’s dream; ascending the highest mountain, crossing the mightiest ocean, standing on the moon. These events began as a dream in the heart and mind of an individual who saw beyond what others said was possible and wondered about the impossible. Ever wonder what the difference is between a wish and a dream? It is that a wish depends on someone or something else; a while a dream depends on the passion of the dreamer.
Be a dreamer!

Clarify Your Personal Vision
When the days, weeks, and months ahead of you become a picture in your mind’s eye, begin to look for the detail. As you see your success, identify the objectives and goals that stand out. What do they look like? What personal habits or characteristics do you possess? When you review your achievements, what singles you out as one who excels? What have you overcome to accomplish what others feel is beyond reach?
See enough detail to make your personal vision real!

Plan To Succeed
Write what you see in your mind. With words, draw the images of success, achievement, and accomplishment that your mind has opened to you. Begin to chart on paper the course from where you are to where you see yourself in your dreams. Eliminate doubt, overpower fear, and have courage to create a plan that will make your dreams real.

Begin Today
Now is the time to start. This moment. In some way, in any way, take control of your life and let your dreams become the power that drives your thoughts, your actions, and your purpose.

Remember:With every challenge there comes a promise
Each day presents us with a variety of challenging situations. The difference between those who will find success in this life and those who will remain mired in a life of mediocrity is how they meet those challenges. Those with vision will see that every challenge comes with a promise. The key is to realize that each specific promise is directly linked to its corresponding challenge.
Your personal achievement will be a direct result of the challenges you are willing to accept. It has been said that an individual’s courage is not found in what they have overcome, but in the challenges they are now willing to face.