Thursday, July 2, 2009

Perhaps you run with the grace of an antelope or the power of an elk. Maybe you lumber more like a moose. In either case these visual images allow you to sense and feel the perfect mix of body, mind and spirit that is trail running. No other running event offers divinely unique presence of forest, lake, meadow, or mountain. Each trail has its own magic and reaches into your soul as you glide along a single-track trail, dance across a babbling brook, or light through a field of breathtaking flowers.

Trails welcome those of varying abilities and make equal demand of all. Breathing it all in is a greater task than catching one’s breath, and nature allows each participant to bask in the fountain of their future as they move through the beauty of nature. Others may be running the same trail, but this moment is truly your personal experience.

When is running not merely a physical exercise? When it lifts your heart, enlightens your mind, and expands your soul. Trail running is the “more” that every runner is looking for.