Monday, May 11, 2009

The Physcological Edge

Since I started training for my first triathlon I have noticed the slow physical changes my body has gone through. These changes were not apparent at first but as my training progressed I was able to see tone and muscle where it had never been before. It made me feel good. Yet the greatest change had nothing to do with speed, strength, or endurance.
During my training I have put my body through many workouts and felt varying degrees of pain afterwards. At first I dreaded the workouts, but that soon ended and I began to look forward to the challenge each workout presented. I realized I was gaining greater self confidence almost daily and those around me began noticing it too. Once I became aware of this I felt unstoppable. It is true that the human body can endure extreme physical hardships but I am convinced that the trained, confident mind can take the physical body farther.
I cannot even begin to describe how it feels to have power over my own body and to have control in an area I once thought was merely genetic. If I am having a bad day I just make a long run to my soul and there I seem to find the strength I need.
The mental power that one gains through training is amazing and I think many beginning triathletes experience this. I now realize that I can improve as an athlete because my level of physical ability can be greatly empowered by my mental determination. The sport of triathlon is the essence of mind over matter. If for no other reason than this, I will be forever grateful to the day I went to my first triathlon.